You be the Judge.

Go ahead, check out the differences and decide for yourself.

Welcome to our restaurant

Here are two examples.
Go ahead, compare.

With AppVOLV you have multiple options, and most are FREE.
For instance, this site is built in the paid Progressive Web App RestaurantM4 theme and I did it in about one hour. When I add events, pages, menu items, it's a Snap. 
Note the link to "Angies on a Free Google AMP" just below.
Note it's one of the FREE builders.

Compare the two, you be the judge.
Angies on AMP ($36/year)
or Angies on the OrderEZE system ($1,200+/year.)


  1. The Maximum you will pay with AppVOLV is approx. $40 per year, and that's if you buy one of the themes like the RestaurantM4.
    (All our sites for appSAVE® use the AppVOLV systems because we need Speed and Power.)
    There are dozens of themes, pick a free one or purchase one that works for you. So all you will be out is your Domain Registration and Hosting. No monthly fees, no webmaster fees, you can do-it-yourself.
  2. You have Total Control and do your own changes and updates as needed. Your changes are in Real Time because YOU control the hosting.
  3. We strongly recommend that you own your Domain Name. This is Critical.
  4. Your site works on Any Device without the need for the Shrink to Fit or Redirect to Mobile systems. This is a Big one as Google has indicated.
  5. A Secure Site is included. If you site isn't secure, many times your site users will see a huge WARNING that will simply scare them away. 
  6. It's very easy to make links to video, something Google REALLY likes.
  7. Since you are NOT dealing with a template, you have Unlimited options on how you want it to look. For instance, you could make it look Exactly like the OrderEZE site with the same backgrounds, etc. if that is what you want.
    Here is a thought...Change it up with the Seasons. The other guys can't do this but you can, and still for FREE.

Now, contrast that with OrderEZE.
(This comparison could be any other company as most are the same.)

  1. They charge $100 a Month + Changes!
    Do the math, which would you rather pay $1,200+ a year or $40 a year?
  2. OrderEZE wants to own the domain name. This is so they can hold you hostage when you decide to leave.
  3. They don't offer any Video Playback on their site, something Google doesn't like.
  4. Their site is a Redirect to Mobile, something else Google doesn't like.
  5. Their standard site is Not Secure, something Google REALLY doesn't like and when you want that warning to go away they charge extra. 
  6. Every time you need to make any additions or changes, on top of their expensive $100/month fee they give you a "quote" for the changes. It all adds up quickly. Their current site was just re-done to the tune of $1,500+ and if you'll note, it's a simple HTML5 site.
  7. You cannot log in and make your own changes. They make you deal with them so they can add on the extra fees. 
  8. The pricing above is just this one company.
    These companies typically average from $75 to $200 a month!
    You know the old saying...Another Sucker is born every minute.
  9. Note that if you want something like how the menu appears in that expanding block, it's merely a matter of another drag-n-drop block in appVPOLV.